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    Arrangements of Thesis Mi-term Evaluation for int'l master students (Class 2018)

    發布時間:2019-07-15 15:42:37 發布者:研究生管理辦公室 作者: 查看:2290

    July 15, 2019

     For int’l master students (class 2018) who expect to graduate in June 2020, their thesis Mi-term Evaluation should be submitted before January 20th 2020. Specific arrangements are as follows:


    I. Students concerned: int’l master students of class 2018 who have completed the thesis proposal by the end of semester 2018-19-02(July 2019). For the relevant requirements, please consult “Provisions for graduate degree granting of UESTC”.


    II.     Evaluation


    1.      The      evaluation will be held in form of report meeting with your team/lab. The supervisors would be responsible for organizing the experts to evaluate.

    2.           The three experts should be in the discipline or similar disciplines: the supervisor could do as one, and two others shall be professors or      associate professors. The evaluation group would be appointed by the      supervisor.

    3.      The students are required to fill in the Mi-term Evaluation Form (see attachment), and the evaluation group shall fill out the comments.


    III.     Procedure

    1.      Online registration: please log in GMIS system and apply for the mi-term evaluation (Guide file in attachment).

    2.      Consent of supervisor: the supervisors are required to grant the consent in system and to organize the evaluation.

    3.      Consent of the school: after the report meeting, the students should submit the hardcopy of Mi-term Evaluation Form (with signatures of supervisor and three experts of the evaluation group) to Graduate Management office (Room 222, Main building, Shahe campus) by January 20th 2020.


    IV.     Attentions:

    1. With failure of mi-term evaluation, the students should redo the evaluation process in 3 months with guide of supervisor. The study would be ended if two failures appear.

    2. You may apply for the thesis defense in March 2020 with the completion of mi-term evaluation by the end of semester 2019-2020-1(January 2020).



    Mid-term Evaluation Form-中期考評表-2018版.docx

    GMIS-proposal mi-term guide開題指導文件.pdf

    Graduate Management office

    School of Information and Software Engineering