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  • Intl.Stu

    Master defense arrangement for int'l students 2019-2020-1

    發布時間:2019-10-30 14:51:15 發布者:研究生管理辦公室 作者: 查看:906

    Defense time: 10.00-11.30 am, Nov 15, Friday 2019.  Everyone should arrive at 9.40 am exactly.

    Venue: Middle 213, Main building, Shahe campus.

    Please follow the instructions carefully to finish this most important step!

    Defense preparation:

    1.Each student should prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) for defense presentation estimated to last less than 15 minutes. Student's name and ID could be in the PPT, but no supervisor's info. Bring a pen and some paper with you during the defense.

    2. When your supervisor consents the latest version of thesis/report, each student should print six (6) copies of the thesis after modification (without supervisor's information) according to review comments (thesis complying with the format specification, but formal binding unnecessary). Bring 5 copies of the thesis and 5 copies of “Revision description1” document (download it from our QQ group, fill and print it) to defense; Keep 1 remaining copy to answer questions from the Defense team.

    3. Each should carry the student ID card for inspection during the defense.


    Student list:


    Graduate Management Office

    School of Information and Software Engineering